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Surveying the annual excavation progress in the open cast mine of Brehov, Slovakia

Mining survey documentation


The work scope included preparing a basic digital map of the open cast mine, i.e. a basic mining plan of quarrying minerals, a terrain relief map, profiles and sections, and an operational plan. 

The resulting maps are intended for the determination of the actual condition of the quarry walls in Brehov as of a specified date for the comparison and guidance of the quarrying process in compliance with the decision of the District Mining Office (Obvodný banský úrad) Košice, which permits mining operations in the open cast mine in Brehov according to the approved plan of opening, preparing, and excavating the deposits of quarry stone – andesite in the area of Brehov.



Terrain reconnaissance and analysis, studies of the existing mine drawings, locations of ground control points, and the aerial photography of the mine

Data collection measurement methods used for the preparation of a basic mining plan:

- GNSS and RTK method (ground control point surveys)

- Digital aerial photogrammetry​ (according to a prepared flight plan for an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV))


The creation of a dense cloud of points and a 3D model was followed by the mine's photogrammetry. All input data of the geodetic surveys and photogrammetric assessment were processed, and 3D DGN sets completed.


- Technical report

- Basic mining plan – basic open cast mining plan

- Profiles and sections

- Terrain relief map

- Operational plan

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