Petrovany Castle, Slovakia

Cultural and historical monument


- Topographical mapping of the status quo of the buildings in the Petrovany Castle area for the refurbishment project and preservation of the Baroque-Classicistic architectural elements, coordinated by the Regional Monuments Board

- Complete scanning of the exterior and interior of the building, black-and-white scanning


- Terrain reconnaissance

- Building a point field (GNSS Topcon Hiper II)

- Location of ground control points, (black-and-white paper targets, reference spheres, reflective labels, and natural ground control points)

- Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), (FARO Focus 3D X330)

- Photogrammetry/Setting out ground control points (UMS Topcon GPT 9001A)

- Data processing

- Data development

- Registration based on ground control points/auto registration (indoors)

- Georeferencing a point cloud in a binding coordinate and altitude system (S-JTSK, Bpv)

- Point cloud classification (Trimble RealWorks 11.2)

- Data block segmentation and clearance

- Sections, elevations, point/line exports

- 3D point cloud preview

- Drawings (Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition)


- Situational drawing based on a valid cadastral map, supplemented with an orthophotograph

- Floor plan drawings

- Vertical sections

- Elevations

- Homogenised and georeferenced point cloud

- Point cloud relative adjustment accuracy σYXZ=2.82 mm

- Absolute accuracy σYX ≤ 4.00 mm, σZ ≤ 7.00 mm

- 246 scanning positions

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